Welcome to the Fantasy Life Favorites Wiki

Welcome! This is a wiki about everyone’s favorite items, weapons etc. We hope that you have a fun time exploring everyone’s favorites! And make sure to check out Sharkling the creator of this wiki favorites too! Just please no swearing as there will be mostly children on this wiki!

How to make pages correctly

  1. Make sure the title is your favorite item weapon etc.
  2. Make sure it’s not been taken for example search for Healweed if there’s already a page and please don’t make one as it will be deleted.
  3. Make sure your registered or logged in cause you can’t make pages if you aren’t.
  4. Make sure your favorite has a little bit of information for example Healweed can be used to heal 5 health and a image of the item would be nice.
  5. Watch as the wiki fulls in with a bunch of people’s favorite items.
  6. And make sure to have fun while your making the page and message Sharkling if you can’t make your favorite items page.
  7. And most importantly make sure to add to your page who created it!

NOTICE!! Please be nice to everyone and treat others how you wish to be treated and also do NOT upload photos not related to fantasy Life thanks!



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